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About Us

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Countrywide Carriers is located in South East Minnesota near the City of Austin. We are...

  • 30 miles from the Intersection of I-90 and I-35
  • 35 miles from Rochester, MN
  • 95 miles from Minneapolis, St. Paul


Countrywide Carriers Inc. operates a fleet of late model equipment in the lower 48 states. Our focus is primarily freight moving in and out of the MN, IA and WI area.

Dry Van Operations

We operate a fleet of heated 53' air ride dry vans. They are equipped with logistic type load securement, rear swing doors and produce vents. Our drivers are trained in loading, handling, and securing your freight.

Flat Beds

Our fleet of flatbeds consists of 48' air ride spread axle trailers equipped with a full compliment of load securement equipment and various size tarps for protecting your freight.